Rent a Mercedes Classe V


Renting a Mercedes is always a guarantee of quality. The German manufacturer is renowned for the reliability of its models, the quality of its finishes, the technical performance of its vehicles. If you need to travel with your family or friends, we recommend you to rent a Mercedes V Class. This luxury sedan offers you 6 real seats that will allow you to move around with all the comfort you desire. It is also possible to book a driver if you do not wish to drive.

  1. Type BERLINE
  2. Places 2
  3. Power 204 ch
  4. Transmission Propulsion
  • day (200km) 390€
  • 3 days (600km) 995€
  • 7 days (1400km) 2 045€
  • month (2000 km)Sur devis
  • Additional km 1,0€
  • day (100km) 312€
  • 3 days (300km) 796€
  • 7 days (700km)1 636€
  • month (2000 km)Sur Devis
  • Additional km0,8€
  • Minimum age +25 year
  • License 3 year
  • High Franchise 5 500€
  • Franchise buyout 39€/day
  • Reduced deductible 3 300€

Rent Mercedes Classe V

For one day or for all your vacations, the rental of a Mercedes V-Class is the ideal solution if you are going away in a group. The driver as well as the passengers will benefit from a real comfort. Do not hesitate to contact our agencies in Paris, Cannes, Nice, Monaco or Saint Tropez to find out how to book.

This luxury single-seater does not forget performance and allows acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 10 seconds. It features a 4-cylinder engine with 104 horsepower, perfect for providing the driver with ideal driving sensations.

A 6-seater sedan, a true luxury minivan

A fully modular rear space (the 4 passenger seats can face each other), impressive dimensions while maintaining an adequate height to enter underground parking lots or pass under certain bridges: the rental of a Mercedes V Class combines all the advantages of a family trip.

Each passenger has his or her own individual seat for even more comfort. This luxury minivan is equipped with a high-end control module that provides pleasant lighting within the cabin without any risk of glare for the driver or front passenger.

Rent your Mercedes V-Class with Luxury Club.

Classe V

Engine 4 cylindres
Transmission Propulsion
Displacement 2143 cm3
Power 204 ch
Maximum torque 480 Nm au régime de 1400 tr/min
0 to 100 9,1 sec
Maximum speed 206 km/H
Number of places 2

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