Rent a Ferrari 488 Spider

Rent a Ferrari 488 Spider


You are a lover of beautiful sportswomen and wish to rent a Ferrari for a business trip or just for fun? We offer you the rental of the Ferrari 488 Spider at our agencies in Paris, Cannes, Monaco, Nice and Saint Tropez. Treat yourself and get behind the wheel of a recent sports car unveiled in 2015 by the Italian brand. This convertible has a hardtop that folds in 14 seconds.

  2. Places 2
  3. Power 670 ch
  4. Transmission Propulsion
  • day (200km) 2 100€
  • 3 days (600km) 5 355€
  • 7 days (1400km) 11 025€
  • month (2000 km)Sur devis
  • Additional km 6,0€
  • day (100km) 1 680€
  • 3 days (300km) 4 284€
  • 7 days (700km)8 820€
  • month (2000 km)Sur devis
  • Additional km4,8€
  • Minimum age 30 year
  • License 5 year
  • High Franchise 25 000€
  • Franchise buyout 210€/day
  • Reduced deductible 15 000€

Rent Ferrari 488 Spider

Like the coupe version of the 488, the convertible boasts 670 horsepower thanks to its V8 twin-turbo engine with direct injection. Whether you’re alone or with a passenger, you’ll enjoy driving this sporty car with more aggressive lines than the previous 458. Its design is particularly appreciated by enthusiasts of the Italian manufacturer’s vehicles. The interior is also very refined and will be appreciated by both driver and passenger.

From dream to reality at the wheel of this cabriolet

The Ferrari 488 Spider can be rented by the day or over several days. It is available at our agencies in Paris and on the French Riviera. Imagine yourself along the Mediterranean coast at the wheel of this sublime sports car, your hair in the wind. This dream can become a reality with Luxury Club, your partner specialized in high-end services.

A great care is taken to each of our vehicles in order to perfectly meet the demands of our customers. All you have to do is contact our teams to rent this sports car which cannot leave you indifferent. Get ready to experience new sensations at the wheel and savor every moment you spend on board.

Rent your Ferrari 488 Spider with Luxury Club.

488 Spider

Engine 8 cylindres
Transmission Propulsion
Displacement 3902 cm3
Power 670 ch
Maximum torque 760 Nm au régime de 3000 tr/min
0 to 100 3 sec
Maximum speed 330 km/H
Number of places 2

Luxury rentals in Paris, Cannes, Nice, Monaco

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